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A stone’s throw from the sea

In the heart of Corralejo

Strolling through the miles of Corralejo Dunes or enjoying a postcard sunset in El Cotillo are experiences that you must definitely live, and so is taking in the view of the large crater of a volcano after years and years of inactivity.


Fuerteventura is synonymous with white sand beaches, turquoise waters, volcanoes, waves, sea breezes and magic. Perhaps that is why it is one of the most visited destinations in the Canary Islands. Or maybe it’s because of the warm weather all year round. Its open culture and the joy of its people have made it a favourite place for digital nomads, adventurous travellers and lovers of water sports and personal development. There’s a place for everyone on this island where you can be in touch with nature from dawn until dusk.

Much to discover

The experience is also sensory, especially when it comes to dining. In addition to the still existing fishing villages, it is the perfect place to enjoy a beer, papas arrugás and the star sauce, Mojo picón. Are you a lover of small pleasures? We welcome you with open arms. If you need to reconnect with nature and escape the noise, routine, traffic jams and automation, this is your time. Fuerteventura has a lot to offer.

A unique experience

At Shambhala, we will be delighted to be part of this new chapter in your life. We are committed to wellness, health, care, sport, personal development, mindfulness, sustainable tourism and life. Do you know the mass sun and beach tourism so characteristic of Spain? We have nothing to do with that. Each person is unique, and our experiences prove it.


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